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Gym Instructors Master the Art of Persuasion and Become Sales Professionals

At the end of a particularly hard spin class, sweating like crazy I realised that the instructor had just “persuaded” or “sold” me and my ability to complete the class.  I was planning to just coast along and get a light sweat on.  Yet here I was gasping for air, feeling light headed, needing a lie down and having completed “The hardest class ever” as promised by our instructor.  So how did he do it and how have gym instructors become sales professionals perfecting the art of persuasion rather than army drill sergeants barking orders at participants?

This post will use a format of first describing the quote from the class instructor, and then comparing that to a sales technique or the art of persuasion.

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Pitching UX creatively

Sometimes it isn’t necessary to put together full presentations, pitches or mock up examples of what you propose to change on a website to get sign off to a project. By thinking a little laterally you can affect your managers opinion using simple props and visuals that can create a big impact in a matter of seconds.

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